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Article 3

Jennifer Ajandi
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
In this paper, I explore the issues brought about by the barriers to healthcare for transgender, intersex, and the two-spirit peoples of Canada. I deconstruct specific policies that serve as major barriers in Canada; however, the ideological and theoretical underpinnings of heterosexism, sexism, and racism can be similarly explored across many geographical spaces. I draw upon critical theoretical literature, my own professional experience in social service settings, as well as activist work as a member of the queer community. The health care system is the main institution analyzed in this paper, yet broader social determinants of health policies and practices are also explored such as the right to affordable and quality housing, living free from violence, and the rights to employment equity and self-determination. This paper concludes with policy recommendations aiming to promote social justice for people who are transgender, two-spirit, and intersex.