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2012 - October Issue

Article 1 - Reformulation Theory: Gauging Feminist Impact on News of Violence Against Women

by Carolyn M. Byerly, Howard University & Marus Hill, Howard University


Article 2 - Challenging the Silence Around the Intersectionality of the Intimate Partner Violence and HIV/AIDS: the Voices of African-American Women

by Michele Rountree - The University of Texas at Austin, Marsha Zibalese-Crawford - Ariel University & Meredith Bagwell


Article 3 - Image Manipulation: The Advertisement Media and Female Architects in Puerto Rico during the late 1960’s

by Norma Isa Figueroa, University of Texas at Arlington


Article 4 - Undocumented Hispanic Students Pursuing Higher Education in the US: A Dream Deferred

by Beatriz Gomez, Texas State University-San Marcos & Catherine Hawkins, Texas State University-San Marcos


Article 5 - Parental Support, Gender, Socio-Economic Status and Habitat of People with Physical Disabilities

by Santoshi Halder, University of Calcutta-India


Article 6 - Occupy Gender: How Women and Queer People Find Their Voice in Mass Movements

by Holly Lewis, Texas State University-San Marcos


Article 7 - Latinas Take the Stage

by Elizabeth Ramirez