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2013 - March Issue

Article 1- Woman as Product Stand‐in: Branding Straight Metrosexuality in Men’s Magazine Fashion Advertising
by Jennifer Ford Stamps, Independent Scholar and Kim Golombisky, University of South Florida

Article 2- Disordered Eating and Smoking for Weight Control in Bulgaria and the U.S.
by Zornitsa Kalibatseva, Michigan State University and Linda Smolak, Kenyon College

Article 3- Of Women, Men, Rurality and the "nameless, faceless"—gender‐less? —Corporation: The Corporation (2003) and Martin Butler’s Poetry and Butler’s Journal (1889‐1905)
by Deborah Stiles, Dalhousie University

Article 4- The Meaning of “Angry Black Woman” in Print Media Coverage of First Lady Michelle Obama
by Lillie Fears, Arkansas State University and Sandra Combs, Arkanasas State University

Article 5- Gender Stereotypes and Citizen Journalism
by Hans K. Meyer, Ohio University and Haidan Hu, Ohio University