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Article 1



Jennifer Ford Stamps

Independent Scholar



Kim Golombisky

University of South Florida


Women as Product Stand-in: Branding Straight Metrosexuality in Men's Magazine Fashion Advertising


This visual rhetorical analysis evaluates sexualized representations of women in fashion advertisements in men’s magazines. At a time when the metrosexual consumer may be gay or straight, the five ads scrutinized here suggest that a sexually aroused woman is required to signify a man’s masculinity as heterosexual. This is not advertising promising sex with a beautiful woman as a reward for consumption. Rather, this sexist and homophobic rhetoric sells masculinity as mastery of a branded leisure lifestyle outfitted with suitable products as accessories, and for hetero masculinity, the accessory is a woman who wants sexual but not emotional intimacy. In the narratives of these ads, women become stand-ins for the advertised products. This logic genders brand as masculine and product as feminine, and it assigns men ownership of women