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Article 2


by Zornitsa Kalibatseva, Michigan State University


and Linda Smolak, Kenyon College


Disordered Eating and Smoking for Weight Control in Bulgaria and the U.S.



The primary goal of this study was to examine and compare disordered eating and smoking for weight control in Bulgaria and the U.S. One hundred and one Bulgarian students and 203 American students filled out self-report questionnaires about their smoking beliefs and motives and eating disturbances. The level of eating disturbances in the Bulgarian sample was similar to that in the U.S. sample. American women reported highest scores of disordered eating and smoking for weight control. Surprisingly, no gender differences in body dissatisfaction, bulimic symptoms, and belief that smoking controls weight were found in the Bulgarian sample. This study contributes to the existing literature by exploring disordered eating in Bulgaria, where little research has been done in this field. Furthermore, it suggests that the relationship between smoking for weight control and eating disturbances may not be observed outside of western English-speaking countries.