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2012 - March Issue

Article 1 -“A man is only a man among other men, but to his woman he is all things”: Hip Hop Video Vixens’ Impact on Singleness Crisis Rhetoric

by Sierra J. Austin, Ohio State University

Article 2 - The Campus as Stage: A Qualitative Study of the Hypervisibility and Invisibility of African American Female Identity in the Built Campus Environment

by Stephanie Krusemark, University of Denver

Artilce 3 - Christianity’s Collusion with Whiteness: Divine Embodiment in The Shack

by Elizabeth Lemons, Ohio State University

Article 4 - From Jezebel to Ho: An Analysis of Creative and Imaginative Shared Representations of African-American Women

by Mia Moody, Baylor University

Article 5 - Odalisque Unbound: Contemporary Photographic Responses

by Stacey E. Schultz, The University of Texas at El Paso

Article 6 - Wrestling with Size: Transforming Visions of Fat Women in Contemporary American And European Films

by Brenda Risch, The University of Texas at El Paso

Article 7 - From One Young Woman to Two Old Women: How Cultural Continuity Is Illustrated Through Athabascan Values

by Caroline Williams, University of Arizona

Article 8 - Women’s human rights: The global intersection of gender equality, sexual and reproductive justice, and healthcare

by Catherine Hawkins, Texas State University-San Marcos

Article 9 - The Erotic Power of Sensuality and Sexuality: The Identity of Women in the Mexican Revolution

by Cecilia J. Aragón, University of Wyoming & Sarah L. Carle, University of Wyoming